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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fox 5 Reporters GO IN on Solange!!

Even I was suprised...
All those extra comments were unnecessary

Saturday, August 30, 2008

White Boy almost blows himself up with a Dry Ice Bomb

Ol' Bag Carryin' Ass Nigga

Look at this nigga Yayo Ol' lemme carry yo suitcase head ass nigga! LOL

Dr. Dre Buries His Son

Story Courtesy of People.com

The son of hip-hop producer Dr. Dre died over the weekend, the music star's rep confirmed to PEOPLE.

Andre Young Jr., 20, was discovered "unresponsive" by his mother at his home in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Saturday morning, according to the L.A. County Coroner's office.

"Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son," his rep Lori Earl says in a statement. "Please respect his family's grief and privacy at this time."

Young's mother told police that she attempted to rouse her son at 10:24 a.m. on Saturday, and when she couldn't, she called paramedics. They pronounced him dead at the scene.

Young "had been out with friends" the previous night, according to L.A. County Coroner's assistant chief Ed Winter. An autopsy was performed Monday. No foul play is expected.

Dr. Dre, whose given name is Andre Young, is one of hip-hop's most prolific musicians. After achieving national spotlight with the rap group N.W.A., Dr. Dre in 1992 released the influential CD, The Chronic, which included the Grammy-winning single "Let Me Ride."

Friday, August 29, 2008

50 & Jadakiss Swash the Beef!

nooOOO! Not Jada!..See, 50 taken over the world..

Asher Roth and Mos Def

Asher was okay but Mos killed it..

Stevie Ryan in Black Face

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jo Jo Passes out at Concert

Soulja Boy got Hacked

See, didn't I say we programmers run the internet = )

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

D. Chamberz Disses Dj Sickamore on True Stories Radio

Brat Goes to Jail

Shawntae “DaBrat” Harris was sentenced to three years in prison by a Dekalb county judge on Friday for striking a woman with a rum bottle at an Atlanta-area nightclub.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soulja Boy's "Xbox 360 Special Edition Sidekick LX"

Okay, now I don't even like sidekicks, but THAT shit is fresh..I can't even hate.

Sexy/Dangerious Chick of the Day: Mariah

I don't care what ya'll say..
That shit is maaaad sexy.

Young Buck in Loyalty and Respect (Movie)

Bow Wow Vs Game Part 3

Game Vs Bow Wow Part 2 (Madden Challenge)

Lol @ Callin Bow Wow's momma

Soulja Boy - Rich Nigga Shit Part 2

Givin' to the homeless..
Shits still funny tho = P

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yung Berg says NO HOMO!!

Today on 106 & Park's 2000th Show,
Bow Wow & Soulja Boy Performed Marco Polo..
During the performance Bow wow & Soulja Boy took their shirts off
and continued to do the set shirtless..

After the performance; Yung Berg who was watching on a monitor backstage said

"I understand getting the crowd hype and doing it for the ladies, but
your never gonna see me take my shirt off with another man on stage,
thats homo

Bow Wow Said He'll Beats Games Ass in Madden

..Incase You Missed It: Watchmen Trailer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

T.I. interview with 92Q's Neke (Uncensored)

Steve Harvey at Bernie Mac Funeral

Cedric the Entertainer at Bernie Mac Funeral

DL Hughley at Bernie Mac Funeral

D.O.E. INTERVIEW // Speaks on Scott Storch and Timbaland Altercation

Ice-T's a Rocker Now?!

Ice-T and Coco performed at a Body count concert this weekend..
This nigga Ice-T a Rocker now?!

My dude got Coco lookin mad sleezy,
that ain't a good look for ya "Wifey"

T.I. wants to claim Shawty Low on His 08 Taxes

lol, T.I. got jokes

Amy Winehouse Interview (8/19/08)

I love Amy Winehouse..
So I refuses to say anything negative about her.
Behind the Grind w/KimO: Jim jones part 1

Behind the Grind w/KimO: Jim jones part 2

This dude is still corny to me.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Mah Girl Hoopz on the Cover of King Magazine

Ya lookin' good Nicole, maaaad good, lol..
Get that money till the bank gets suspicious = P

Soulja Boy - Rich Nigga Shit Part 1

LMFAO, this nigga Soulja Boy is Hil-fucking-arious!
My nigga just clownin'.
My dude blew his nose in a 100 dollar bill and threw it away, lol..

Jazmine Sullivan on Hot97..

This girl can sing!
look at Envy ol' bobble head ass grinning in the corner.

Incase You Missed It: Wendy Williams Show

Wendy speaks on Rocsi & Lisa Ray and talks with Vanessa Williams..

Spider-Man, Hulk & Iron Man!!

Nefu Da Don & His Mom (Queen Pen) Discuss Bow Wow Beef On Shade 45

Part 1

Part 2

Nefu Da Don Rippin' Bow wow

This Week In Hip Hop Recap (Everything!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shawty Lo's First Canadian Interview

Classic Video: Canibus, Big Pun, DMX, Mos Def, Mic Geronimo & John Forte

The Game Speaks On Working With Kanye West, Raekwon, Ice Cube

Tila Tequila has a Penis?

Straight up I think thats a boy,
or used to be.

The Dream Interview..

The Game Kicks Ass in Madden '09

106 & Park Upgrade?

God finally!
Well maybe..
I posted a bulletin to BET.com asking if 106 & Park Should take questions from the audience when an artist makes an appearance on the show..
I bet I'll get mad responses sayin' Hell Fuckin' Yeah!
I think they should, the random questions would make the show a lil' more interesting.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jockin' Jay-Z Music Video (Puppets Version)

Foot in the Door..

I know it's late but I can't sleep..
I'm thinking too much about stuff..
Like the work I've been doing..
It's my dream come true and I almost can't believe it's happening sometimes,
I try to play it cool and act like it's not that big of a deal but it is..
Cause I got that feeling..
Like..I feel like I got my foot in the door but the chain lock is on..
or that feeling when you know your birthday is coming up..
I hope things go as smoothly as they've been going and everything will hopefully just fall into place.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Asher Roth Interview Dj Whoo Kid

Papoose - Myspace Gangsters & Youtube Thugs

The tracks okay but I think everyone should remember..
Programmers run the internet, we keep your money, bank accounts and personal information safe.

Dj Vlad Files 4 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Rick Ross..

- Story courtesy of MTV

DJ Vlad filed a $4 million dollar lawsuit against Rick Ross in Federal Court in New York on Friday (August 15), claiming that the Miami MC orchestrated a "brutal attack" on Vlad (born Vlad Lyubovny) at the Ozone Awards in Houston last Sunday.

According to a press release from Vlad's attorney, Brian Caplan, the assault and battery lawsuit against Ross (born William Leonard Roberts II) alleges that "Rick Ross orchestrated a brutal attack upon DJ Vlad, carried out at his direction by his accomplices, in retribution for media coverage of Rick Ross' prior life as a correctional officer."

Among the injuries alleged to have been suffered by Vlad in the attack are a cut that required seven stitches below one of his eyes, three facial fractures, a corneal abrasion and possible permanent nerve damage. The suit is seeking $2 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages.

Vlad's YouTube channel, VladTV, recently featured an interview with the Clipse in which they discussed the controversy over recent claims about Ross' alleged former life as a corrections officer, which Ross has denied. It also linked to a widely distributed interview with incarcerated drug dealer "Freeway" Ricky Ross — whose name the rapper appropriated as a stage identity — in which Ricky Ross makes light of the MC; the link to the that interview has since been removed.

Prior to the altercation, which was reportedly caught on videotape by a number of bystanders, Vlad told MTV News that Ross had reached out to him recently.

The suit claims that the attack was launched by Ross in an attempt to "stifle [Vlad's] journalistic reporting and freedom of expression." Perhaps further fanning the flames, it portrays Ross as someone who has "painstakingly created his public persona to be that of a major drug dealer and 'gangster,' [but is] in reality a former correctional officer." It depicts the confrontation between the men as a result of Ross' alleged "calculated planning," which included luring DJ Vlad to a meeting "for the purpose of obtaining retribution."

According to the suit, Vlad received a text message from Ross on the afternoon of the Ozone Awards that read, "N----- will learn ... trillaaaa." Vlad had interviewed Ross twice before, which is allegedly how the MC obtained Vlad's phone number. After the DJ inquired about who the text was from, Ross allegedly responded, "Ross ... I'm hearing things."

A short time later, according to the suit, Ross called Vlad and said, "I've been hearing things about me on your Web site. ... We gonna make a story. ... We going to see each other. ... We going to talk. ... Where are you?" Upon learning that both men were in town for the Ozone Awards, Ross allegedly set up a time for the meeting on the second floor of the Hilton Hotel in Houston and arrived accompanied by four other people.

"Following a brief conversation between DJ Vlad and Ross in which Ross said, 'We got beef,' Ross' accomplices, who had surrounded DJ Vlad while he spoke with Ross, proceeded to strike and beat DJ Vlad in Ross' presence and without any protest on Ross' part," the suit says. The men then reportedly fled the scene and left Vlad laying on the ground "bleeding profusely" after one attacker shouted, "Yeah, mother----er, that's what you get."

A spokesperson for Ross had no comment on the suit at press time.

Todays been the most boring day I've had in a while..
No weed, no work, no phone calls...nothing..
I"m 23 I should be having a fuckin' BALL!!
I dunno, hopefully I don't have many more days like this
fore fear of sulking back into my own depression.

Mike Jones After the Fight @ The Ozone Awards..

Biggest Shades of the Day..

Here you see mah girl Jen the Pen rockin' the Masterful shades lookin' just oh so sexy..
One day...one day.

Don't Get it Twisted..

I showed niggas mercy but ya'll niggas starting to erk me
why ya'll tryin to hurt me,
I did a couple jobs/and now ya'll tryin to convert me
to a bert like I'm sittin with Ernie.

Don't get it twisted....
I'm not a fan I ain't lookin for ya autograph/
I only heard one track and ya flow trash
and If it wasn't *** I'd beat yo mufuckin black ass.

Wack Flick of the Week: Belly 2

This movie is a complete embarrassment to the classic Belly..
The movie is nothing more than a promotional tool for The Game..
The acting is horrible, the storyline is bullshit and I can't believe
Shari Headley (The chick from Coming to America) would even consider
a role in this movie.
Theres Black Wall Street ads all over the film along with a more than predictable Gunit diss.
But if you still wanna see the movie I suggest you download it rather than waste 20 bucks on this shit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bullshiter of the Day..

Yeah mufucka..
This award goes to Ruben 'Swift' Vidal; Dj Green Lantern's Engineer/Web designer..
This nigga was supposed to do some design work for us but when he found out we'd be using FLASH he got all bitchy and complained about much he doesn't like using flash and how he doesn't do anything without his Canadian boyfriend Joe..

I mean don't get me wrong, good looking for throwin me on that Mixtape but still
ya'll niggas is funny acting.

The Game speaks on 50, Ja Rule, TOS and New Album LAX..

The real Raga Gets at Hell Rell..

This guy says fuck Hell Rell
and claims Hell Rell stole his name Ruga

Asher Roth shows Cannon and the Aphilliates how to Rip a Beer Bong

It's the CANNON!!

Young Jeezy - The Recession Tracklist

Hits stores September 2nd
1. The Recession (Intro)
2. Welcome Back
3. By The Way
4. Crazy World
5. What They Want
6. Amazin’
7. Hustlaz Ambition
8. Who Dat
9. Don’t You Know
10. Circulate
11. Word Play
12. Vacation
13. Everything featuring Anthony Hamilton and Lil Boosie
14. Takin’ It There featuring Trey Songz
15. Don’t Do It
16. Put On featuring Kanye West
17. Get Allot
18. My President featuring Nas

The Game - Letter to the King Ft Nas

SOLANGE KNOWLES Dances with a Fan on Stage..

A fan jumped on stage at Solange's performance..
He was about to be escorted off by security until Solange told them to let him stay.
+ 50 Cool Points for Solange

Wendy Williams Says Jennifer Aniston is a Bore..

This afternoon on the Wendy Williams show she stated that Jennifer Aniston was boring and speculated that the reason John Mayer left her is because the sex is probably boring too.

Alchemist Visits Prodigy in Jail..



Though this was maad funny dude did have a point..
Record labels and A&R's say send in your shit all the time
but when you finally do even if it's hot you still don't get a response back..
and even when calling to follow up with the label they don't remember you because they get 1000's of demos in the mail a day.

God I Love Linux = )

Distro: Ubuntu 8.04 + Compiz

Flow Remakes The Dream - "I Love Your Girl"

I found this Kid browsing around Youtube..
The beats not perfect but he gets an A for effort.

Baron Davis Webcam Karaoke to Maroon 5..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Somethings Fishy..

Yeah I said it..
Somethings god damn Fishy..
See, lemme explain something..
The majority of networking is done by assistants, interns, managers and promotional teams, not the actual artist or company..
Most of the time these "small" people don't get paid or even acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to the job/project..
and if that isn't bad enough, sometimes the assistant or intern that initially set up the project to begin with gets cut out and gets no recognition what so ever..

I know it's fucked up..
I been dealing with shit like that since I started in this business..
Funny thing is that if you make it known how you feel then you're "Buggin"..

Mufucka just can't win..

Dj Vlad After the Ass Whoppin'

Ha, Karma's a bitch Vlad, LMFAO!! Pay niggas they money man, Ol' two faced ass mufucka.

Pictures courtesy of Thisis50

Burger King Employee Takes a Bath in the Kitchen Sink..

Fire the hell out of this clown!
I don't want the taste of balls in my whopper..

Kay Slay Feat Papoose and Junior Reed - Don't Take it There

Is this a response to Fat Joe?

First Official WorldStarHipHop Mixtape Hosted by Dj Woogie..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Banks & Yayo Speak on Cam'ron, Fat Joe, Dj Khaled, Lil Wayne, Jarule, Kanye West, and NAS..

Kanye West - Champion (Official Music Video)..

It's about gawd damn time..

Brisco says He's Gonna Knock Yung Burg's Teeth out..

Trae Explains Why He Punched Mike Jones..

Mike Jones gets Punched at Ozone Awards..

Frasier Thompson III aka "Trae" punched Mike Jones backstage at the 2008 Ozone Awards. According to witnesses, the two had an unknown conversation before Trae struck Jones for no reason.

Mah Girl Jen the Pen On All Access DVD..

God, don't you just luv that accent!

Monday, August 11, 2008

DJ Vlad Gets Jumped..

Rick Ross and DJ Vlad were both backstage at the 2008 Ozone Awards. DJ Vlad was interviewing Rick Ross for his DVD series, and everything was going well until Vlad asked Ross about the alleged Correction Officer rumors flying around. Ross immediately walked away from the interview and Vlad was later jumped by atleast 10 of Ross's goons..

Honestly I don't care really.. Vlad bullshitted me a while back so I say karma is a muthafucka.

Nefu Da Don Response to Bow Wow..

Donlynn Walters aka Nefu Da Don (Teddy Riley's God Son) responded back to Bow Wow's comments..In a recent radio interview where Bow Wow refereed to Riley's god son as an "Orphan"

Sean Paul Arrested..

Sean Paul Henriques aka Sean Paul was

arrested in Sweden in Friday (August 8) on drug charges. Apparently, marijuana is illegal in Sweden, reporting the reggae superstar was picked up at the Uppsala Reggae.

Myspace Girl of the Day

Shes so damn sweet..
This is my girl Cali shes a good young lady; church going and all..
I've never had anything bad to say about her.

Jamie Foxx Hits the Waves..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yung Berg Arrested..

Christian Ward aka Yung Berg was Arrested in New York for criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of marijuana and menacing..

Funny thing is the 911 call originated from a limo driver claiming berg and his boys were 'Harassing' him.

Game and Lil Wayne - My Life (Behind the Scenes)..

R.I.P Isaac Hayes..

Isaac Hayes dies at age 65

Smart & Sexy Girl of the Day..

My Girl Shawnice..
Shes a programmer, web designer and a lil hacker lol..

and she runs linux +500 points!

MARCUS FOY - What Chu Know Bout Me..

Ha, this dude's hilarious!
I found this video browsing around youtube..
My dude did his own version of Lloyd's - Get is Shawty..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Jackie Chan of Boxing..

Emmanuel Augustus

This dude is sick..
He's on some Jackie Chan-Drunken Master shit in the boxing ring..

Donnie Klang ft. P. Diddy - Take You There..

Donnie debuts his first video; Take You There.
He sounds better than I thought dude would (no homo)..
and the beat is Timbaland inspired so it kinda just goes together..
Good Job Kid ; )

Bernie Mac Passed Away..

Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away in a Chicago hospital this morning a week after being hospitalized with pneumonia, his publicist Danica Smith confirmed. He was 50. The sad news comes as a shock since newspaper reports just yesterday stated that he was responding well to treatment for and would be released soon.

My Favorite Bernie Mac Moment..

Nicks Parents Don't Like Mariah..

Looks like Nick Cannon's parents aren't Mariah Carey fans at all..
Mediatakeout.com Reports that When Mariah first met Nick's Mother, she came with all her handlers and security. It was almost like she was making a publicity stop..Nick's mother didn't like that very much.

Dawns Bday Party & Laurie Ann Gibson is back..

Exclusive video from Dawn Richards Birthday Party on her Red Carpet..
and Laurie ann annouces shes back on Making the Band 4

DJ Woogie Presents: EMINEM - Global Warning..

Crazy Bitch Report: Jah Jah from VH1's White Rapper..

This crazy bitch..

This chick was a reject on VH1's The White Rapper Show..
she claims she knew about 9/11 before it happend..
bitch is loony.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jim Jones...THE ACTOR?!

My girl Amanda Diva gives us the scoop on the infamous 'Rapper/Actor'
and Jim Jones acting..
Dude can barely rap, he just needs to stay away from recording equipment.


T.I. Speaks on 50 Cent and Shawty Lo..

T.I. can't be stopped, period..
He's here..T.I. is a household like Nas or Jay-Z..
So in my opinion theres nothing anyone can do to stop that or some how
'dethrone' him as he would say..

Just Beautiful..

Wow, do you see her eyes?!
They're beautiful and she got those Angelina Jolie lips.

Another Hilton Sidekick Hack..

Either the Hilton's are idiots or the phone companies are slacking off..
It looks like Conrad Hilton (Paris Hilton's Little Brother) sidekicked was hacked and a few pics were downloaded..

Is it me or does it seem like Conrad likes wearing womens clothing?! In one pic he's wearing his sisters wigs and in the other he's wearing some yellow girl pants..
What wrong with the Hiltons..?

Myspace Girl of the Day

See thru..my favorite!

Dr Dre's Daughter says Her Dad Doesn't Support Her Music

Manaj (Dre Dre's Daughter) said her Dad doesn't support her music in any way...
She says she has Bills to pay and mouths to feed and that her dad treats her like a stepchild when it comes to financial support.

Manaj is said to be releasing a tell on documentary entitled; Daddy's Shadow due out sometimes this year.

Brooke Hogan - Thick White Girl of the Week

Oh yes!
I don't care what you say, Brooke Hogan is thick as hell.
She got them Thick Italian sausage thighs and some big ass breatessess..
I'd clean my plate!

Fat Joe says He don't give a fuck about Kay Slay

I'm actually not suprised..
I expected this because I know Slay is rollin with Papoose regardless of what happens, point blank period,
So when it came down to it Fat Joe stands alone..once again

Jay-Z and Kayne West Premier Jockin' Jay-z off the Blueprint 3

Jay and Kayne surprised the audience at the Glow in the Dark show with an Exclusive single off Jay's upcoming album The Blueprint 3; "Jockin' Jay-z"

Lil' Cease Fitness Video WTF?!

Somebody please tell me what rapper Lil' Cease is doing with a fitness video..
Is he preparing for a rematch with Manio?

Rick Ross's Sister Tells the Truth..

Rick Ross's sister confirms that her brother rapper Rick Ross was a CO before becoming famous..

Tawanda Roberts (Ross's Sister) talked to sources at Rick Ross Be Out Day charity event for children in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

lol, You Hotdog Whore..

The only reason I can see anyone wanting to eat a hotdog that long is if they suck alot of penis or want to suck alot of penis, lol..